What Is Delsym®?

Delsym, one of the leading pioneers in developing long-lasting cough syrup in the 1980s, was the first cough syrup brand to deliver 12 full hours of cough relief. Delsym’s long-lasting delivery system is so unique that it inspired the brand’s name “DELivery SYsteM.”

Today Delsym is the #1 12-hour cough medicine* with an advanced time-release formula that helps control your cough for up to 12 hours. Nothing lasts longer** for powerful relief, all day or all night.

Delsym has products for the whole family. In fact, Children’s Delsym is the #1 pediatrician recommended children’s 12-hour cough suppressant*** as well as the most recommended children’s cough medication by pharmacists.**** And if you’re dealing with more than a cough, try the Cough+ range or products for both adults and children with daytime and nighttime formulas.

Benefits of Delsym

  • Delsym 12 Hour has a single active ingredient, Dextromethorphan, which is beneficial as it limits the chance for interactions with other drugs.
  • With Delsym, you’re not constantly re-dosing throughout the day. Just 2 doses a day controls your cough for 24 hours.
  • The 12 Hour formulation is both alcohol & sulfite free.
  • And for great-tasting relief, Delsym 12 Hour is available in orange and grape flavors.

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* Nielsen unit sales data, 2018

** Among OTC cough liquids

*** Based on the QuintilesIMS ProVoice Survey, 2016

**** Based on Pharmacy Times’ OTC Guide 2016-2017